BRVBB Canine Volunteer Blood Donors - OUR TEAM
BRVBB Canine Volunteer Blood Donors - Our donors save lives!

Meet our team!

Valerie Latchford Donor phelbotomist, DVM- Dr Latchford has been with us since 2012. She enjoys the company of her managerie of animals at home and visiting with our donor families

Chris Oldt- Senior Donor Handler
 "Snuggler" ( Chris also likes to help us process our blood when Andy is out climbing rocks and helps us with our events)


 Jocelyn Pratt           Manager of the Blue                                              Ridge   Veterinary                                                        Blood Bank  

<-----Jamie Clarke -Our newest addition to the tall guys here at BRVBB- our part time 
donor holder Jamie- Jamie likes to teach at a local gym in his spare time :) 

<----Peggy Ellis is our newest office assistant. Peg is a great help answering phones, facilitating blood work to your regular vet, and doing our reminder calls. Welcome Peggy!

           <---------Andy Bush- Lab and Head processing  technician/packing and shipping  


Christy Bell LVT (not pictured)- Marketing,technical advisor

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